NCL Hosting

"Our World Revolves Around You"

Customer Service Charter - "Revolution"

At NCL Hosting, we measure everything based on the following four principles; reliability, personalisation, quality and flexibility. These four principles are the pillars of our business and the key elements in our .Revolution. customer service strategy.

The idea behind .Revolution. is simple. Everything we do is customer-centric. Our clients are at the centre of our universe so our business revolves around them. By providing infrastructure and services that are reliable, personalised, high quality and accessible, we are able to help our clients maintain a professional business image at all times with their online presence. Downtime costs money. At NCL Hosting, .Revolution. is our method for helping your business make money.

All of our business decisions are based on 360 degree feedback from our clients. New features are only introduced into the systems based on customer feedback. At NCL Hosting, we are continually seeking to improve and enhance every service we provide to our clients, by providing a service that is as relevant to your business needs as possible.