NCL Hosting Network Infrastructure

It is our business practice to ensure that we are consistently upgrading our network, servers and software.

Our servers are all Hewlett Packard servers running Linux and Microsoft Windows. Each server is completely hardware redundant and located in high availability data centres strategically positioned for maximum uptime and redundancy.

Our network consists of a multiple premium ISP connections to the internet located within premium data centres in Australia. Our network architecture is fully redundant where the network is within our control, i.e. to our edge ISP connections, and is solely based on Cisco networking equipment. We use Cisco's HSRP to ensure router uptime in the event of hardware failure and use redundant Cisco switches for switch level redundancy. This means is that your site will run lightning fast and will never be down due to a network outage within our data centres. We currently peer with the following network providers

  • PIPE Networks
  • Equinix Peering
  • Inticon Wholesale
  • Ipera Communications
  • Our primary data centre is the Equinix data centre in Sydney which services most of the Asia Pacific region. Our primary data centre meets the following specifications:

  • Minimum N + 1 Power configuration.
  • 4 Onsite Generators and a supply of Diesel in case of a full power failure.
  • 24 / 7 Security Monitoring, and onsite security staff.
  • N + 1 cooling, keeping your equipment at a steady 22 degrees Celsius.
  • Biometrics and card access to prevent unauthorised access to the building.
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Agent) fire system and dry pipe sprinklers in zones, in case of a fire breakout.
  • Power SLA of 99.9999%
  • So what does all of this mean for you? It means that we are able to provision a very fast, reliable network which will return the quickest, most reliable results for your site and customers. To give you an example, we have profiled some of the top ISP's in Australia and returned the number of hops (the number of individual network segemnts data has to travel from your computer to get to the destination) and the response time to our network (time it takes data to travel from your computer to our network and back again). Many hosting organisations host their servers in the USA and claim that this has no impact on your site, we'll show you why this isn't the case!

  • Average US Based Hosting: Hops (distance from your computer to the destination): 25+, Response Time: 250+ milli seconds (1/4 of a second)
  • Our network from Internode: Hops: 6, Response Time: 27 ms
  • Our network from TPG: Hops: 8, Response Time: 31 ms
  • Our network from Telstra: Hops: 7, Response Time: 28 ms
  • Our network from Optus: Hops: 8, Response Time: 16 ms
  • One other question you may be asking is how does hosting servers in Sydney affect you if you are located in another major city in Australia? While these figures are averages across a number of ISP's in each city and may vary depending on your individual connection, we'll show you below an overview of what the response time is to our Sydney datacentre.

  • Sydney: An average response time between 4ms and 30ms. This means the response from our servers will be returned between 4/1000 and 30/1000th of a second!
  • Melbourne: An average response time between 18ms and 50ms.
  • Brisbane: An average response time between 17ms and 50ms.
  • Perth: An average response time between 40ms and 60ms.
  • Adelaide: An average response time between 20ms and 50ms.
  • Hobart: An average response time between 30ms and 60ms.
  • New Zealand: An average response time between 26ms and 90ms.
  • USA: An average response time between 180ms and 270ms.
  • Finally, if all of that wasn’t enough, our software is updated several times per day to ensure that our security is of the highest standard and is monitored 24x7.

    All staff at NCL Hosting have backgrounds in high end, corporate technology environments which allows us to deliver maximum service focusing on high availability, maximum performance and security. It is our belief that you should receive the best service possible and strive to make this a reality. If you have any questions regarding our infrastructure, please do not hesitate to contact us.